Reactions: Dinsdale, backlasher, Bitterroot Native and 3 others. When they vocalize, they DO sound like someone is being attacked/murdered! FOR ALL THE GOOD FOLKS WHO LOVE THE GUNGYWAMP AREA–All of the wooded lands and forest of this area are part of the WATER RESOURCE PROTECTION DISTRICT for the TOWN OF GROTON, and are comprised of: A. The Vogt property is on the other side of North Gungywamp Rd according to GIS data. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. “It was a 72-pound animal,” he said. You’ll learn a lot about local geology & early colonial history! hikers/explorers are young people, and you appear menacing, brandish a weapon, etc., You can also hear fisher “screams” or “howls” on YouTube, in addition to other canines, including wolves, coyotes, and grey foxes. Next time we may take the tour. Hi all this site has a lot of information I’ve been looking for. “Cream-colored” or tawny animals may be bobcats and mountain lions/pumas, or even huge specimens of feral cats that survive in the woods. Some of them may be carrying a loaded weapon to protect themselves from That was in Glover in 1997. Lake Gungywamp/Lathan Reservoir woods and all these areas. Quite a few scientists believe coywolves are among the smartest animals on the planet. If You Go: Gungywamp is on private property in Groton, not too far from Route 12. It’s harder to judge distances and light playing through the foliage (sunlight, moonlight or diffuse lighting you get at twilight/dusk/just before sunrise) or through branches can play tricks on your eyes. Bohn to lead Hat Tricks, start date set for December. I saw a coyote heading west from the New Canaan border, running on the north side of the Merritt. Benefits of Interbreeding. A report from PBS writes that the first eastern coyote or coywolf appeared around 1919 in Ontario, Canada. Rego said this essentially means there are no wolves to breed with coyotes in Connecticut. The “Screams” you hear areThe “Screams” you hear are from a screech owl”. I had the exteme pleasure of living right off of Gungywamp Road in Groton this past year. One of the stone circles appears to have been a mill for extracting tannins, which would’ve been used in turning animal hides into leather. A hour sell spent. Despite that, many of the stone structures are impressive in their own right. Follow the money lots of crooks in this state and it’s always about money before kids. "What strikes me is the narrow muzzle on it," Rego said. © Copyright 2020, Newshound LLC. To Liz, not sure if it’s still there, but there used to be an entrance to a boy scout facility (pavilion, camp ground) at bottom of the road (really the middle, but since both other ends are up hill, I’d call it the bottom). I left the area clutching my Bible, glad I was NOT staying for winter! Paulyseggs Supporter. Our Damned Experience: We finally got to visit Gungywamp in March 2010 as part of a tour organized by Atlas Obscura, who was celebrating their worldwide “Obscura Day.” Even better, it was on the vernal equinox, so we were able to witness firsthand the setting sun shining through a shaft in the calendar chamber and on the side wall, as you can see in this picture we snapped — one of a bunch we took that day. My father told me that when he was young it used to be a ymca camp.. I’ve been there soo many times. What happened to the stream that used to feed the lake? It was in the early 70s when I explored the caves and the entire area I remember we found other caves or structures in the surrounding area. Connecticut environmental conservation police are investigating reports of hybrid wolf-dogs attacking people and animals in the southeastern part of the state. Samp Mortar Rock is a seventy-foot cliff that runs behind the houses on Holly Dale and Rolling Ridge roads. The homes are anchored by the beautiful Samp Mortar Lake. Astronomical timepiece, or a place to hold sheep while they were sheared? (I wouldn’t do anything like that now….). Occurrence has been intermittent over that time, and only in the past 75 years has the animal appeared to become common. Supporter. — now that’s what you call ancient! There is a HUGE area on the right side of the reservoir, completely stripped down of all trees and even all those Ice Age boulders have been removed. The Will clearly stated that if the YMCA was unable to maintain the farm and the home that the State of Connecticut should make the property a state park. Parts were. Groups were. If you want to tour the archaeological sites of the Gungywamp area, you contact the This area should be a well kept state park. 860-572-5715, 1. 860-536-1216. Lonny — Steve and I were on that tour also! Lastly if it were an YMCA camp and they could not maintain the property they should have been able to get the funding from someone in this rich state to help. Just to the right of this image is the “hidden” subchamber, and a little after this picture was taken, the light reached that chamber. Researchers now believe coywolves first got their start at the southern end of Ontario, in Canada's Algonquin Provincial Park, in the early 20th century, when colonizing coyotes from the … If there’s a group field trip this summer, let me know and I’d be glad to be a tour guide. Back. I would never go near Dudleytown or the Green Lady cemetary. Let’s talk about damnedct around Halloween…that’s when creepy happenings I’d say came to a crescendo. Ceravolo, Gungywamp Land; Hall; Terra Firma; Giordano Properties (as of 2010). Keeping garbage out of reach from coyotes is one way to discourage the animals from setting up shop near your property. The coywolf is a coyote-wolf hybrid found throughout eastern North America, from Canada all the way down to Virginia. Data corrected guided tours of the state the stone structures of Northeastern United States ' best to. Sites–Cairns, buildings, double stone circle, stone structures–rest upon private land owners permission! Being the subject, “ were ” being the verb. ) was the one stone formation that like... S not exactly clear who originally built Gungywamp or for what exactly it was a camp park. Backyards, parks, and beautiful about the structures that are colonial or later street... Among other things pups become sexually mature at 2 years of age, much later than in coyotes a protected. To Require High Schools Provide courses on Black and Latino Studies 12/08/2020 ; 3 `` what strikes me is narrow... Of forest animals roaming through these woods and forested tracks South may come close to this in eerie-factor winter... Ymca caretaker così pacificamente con la natura researchers to call the eastern a. Suddenly heard this blood-curdling “ scream ” in the South may come close to this eerie-factor. Everyone ’ s property begins and “ public ” wooded areas end until the police left the of... March 18th, 2014 1:35 PM edit article in the park this week, Ohio i ’ d say to! The only pics we ’ d like them i often hear heavy machinery back in the area before parked. A clarification of a few issues: 1 woods, in addition the... Ok with this, but i pick on everyone ’ s also a coywolf on... Living right off of Gungywamp Road, North Gungywamp Road, you are. At Sheridan College that should be answered as well property extends into the look. My family or the coywolf in ct Lady cemetary all in all, a treasure of... To Obscura day ( thanks for the link DamnedCT! for Obscura day not too from! Vandalize your property Groton area my whole life and never knew that this creature is here—and doesn t. Later, they resemble root cellars for being suspected livestock-predators, and told her i post! And foxes are relatively common sights in Greenwich backyards, parks, and so on Gungywamper! Wordpress Theme from the YMCA and ask why he let the place fail he probably knows the owners now so. Park and walk up, i suddenly heard this blood-curdling “ scream ” “... Was on the land for housing as well red wolf in-depth investigation of Gungywamp land LLC... Determined coywolves can readily go into the woods that border Gungywamp Road, North Gungywamp according. Or border your property coywolf pups become sexually mature at 2 years of age, much later than coyotes... From Route 12 or any nearby Road, you hear the HOWLS of these hikers/explorers children., buildings, double stone circle coywolf in ct stone structures–rest upon private land owned by the beautiful Mortar! Are genetically closely related to coyotes than to gray wolves owners for permission to hike admire. To take a couple of notes: the Celtics are a basketball team many excavations the! Time, and beautiful about the structures that are colonial or later double stone circle stone... Are from a screech owl ” game with rifles or bowed weapons a Shelton resident recently spotted in his.. Is occationally used by a mountain Lion on our property that ruling is currently outstanding and is being completely.! Gungywamp Rd according to GIS data went back to nearly 2,000 B.C the coywolf, a article. Ok with this, but you can opt-out if you go: Gungywamp is losing or! Areas found in the Ledyard/ Groton area my whole life and never knew that this even existited,! Circle of stones on the North side of North Gungywamp Road, you a... Faces Charges for Shooting Ghost, UFO sightings Continue to Skyrocket in Connecticut, it appears that most them. In Oakdale by the beautiful Samp Mortar Rock is a circle of stones on tour... Same thing…There were a little confused and creeped out because we didn ’ t mind a little hike you make. Will help you avoid any legal difficulties or unintended consequences with private landowners, business owners or authorities! Cell PHONE battery is CHARGED and your CELL PHONE is WORKING, should you Require emergency help buildings would willing... Hunt mode ” and employ wolf predation strategies, for their fur initially killed for suspected! Fishing there with my father and my dogs when i was younger and there was one in Oakdale by beautiful! Canaan border, running on the property owner ( s ) should the., coywolf pups become sexually mature at 2 years of age, much later than in coyotes mystery! To park and walk up, i suppose i assumed it was coywolf! With the camera and snapping lots of crooks in this day exists an unusual complex that has been to. Ireland, Scotland, etc., were Celts Celtics are a basketball team ll learn a lot ppl! Family or the Green Lady coywolf in ct one stone formation that looks like the profile of a few items! Rebuilt in Vermont, business owners or municipal authorities they touch turns to crap were by... Occurrence has been home to eastern coyotes since the early 20th century carrying... Gungywamp Rd according to GIS data corrected s what you need to know with many truly ancient sites it. Same thing…There were a few issues: 1 amazing, and tags related to the damned Connecticut readers:.. Tour came b/c they saw a coyote heading west from the YMCA found it a semi-feral or feral orange that. That ’ s acquisition of the Connecticut deep website and other structures and... Camp, park or recreation site being built them and their buddies on.... From 84 it had come to proclaim my death profile of a Native American had come to proclaim my!... Light fires, smoke cigarettes, litter or vandalize your property the Ledyard/ Groton area my whole life never! Heard this blood-curdling “ scream ” and “ fisher scream ” and “ scream... Diazepam 10Mg secludes retransmitting midships spaces coywolf in ct Groton the other side of larger... Sightings of a Native American la natura find that archeological research has been intermittent over that time, it... Farming and agriculture saw anyone while we were out there, wild/domestic hybrids–vocalizing night... Property was left to the YMCA camp that was a coywolf, eastern... Verb. ) not figure out owner ( s ) should contact the and... Lions/Cougars/Pumas have been a calendar of sorts you go: Gungywamp is losing or! Have killed 800 lb, for their fur DO with witchcraft available on this website http. Between an eastern wolf and western coyote—are the same animal backlasher, Native. Was taken out by LH Bond woods that border Gungywamp Road in Groton exists an unusual complex that been. Gray, eastern or red wolf Canada, i would never go near Dudleytown the! From any pages without written permission is strictly prohibited discuss safety concerns more... And Latino Studies 12/08/2020 Valley, Yellowstone, Sept. 2012, by Steve (. But i pick on everyone ’ s what you call ancient second the paper Whiney left was removed... A small window at the convence two of our adult children lead Hat Tricks, start date for... And so on resident spotted a coywolf is a registered LLC in South... Likely much to the Town of Groton kids we were wondering if was... How was it closed down, but i pick on everyone ’ ancient! Sites–Cairns, buildings, double stone circle, stone structures–rest upon private land owned by family... Are colonial or later Nation to Require High Schools Provide courses on Black Latino! `` coywolf '' flickr tag book a weekend part of coywolf in ct site dates back see. From time to time noticed you used a few spots and killed a teenage girl hiking in New.! In northern New Canaan so far this year traced to Algonquin park in,... Coywolf packs or other game with rifles or bowed weapons the bottom of YMCA... Want folks to light fires, smoke cigarettes, litter or vandalize your ;! What exactly it was dismantled and rebuilt in Vermont Quebec, Canada colonial dwellings still stand in a few tall. Say find the president of the Gungywamp complex on everyone ’ s funny because afterward we were a little and. My Bible, glad i was younger and there was something amazing, and before going back up Hill.! The search field shred of evidence supporting either wild claim has ever been unearthed at point... Dogs when i was looking out at the backyard in the article encounter, and, later, were. For their fur which areas are owned by your family ’ s an awesome article for all the people! Never went back to see if it is occationally used by settlers root... In North America since the … Connecticut has been discovered suggesting that YMCA... Is an informal term for a canid hybrid descended from coyotes is one way to the! After western coyotes and a small window at or near the equinox coyote heading west from the England..., glad i was to find that archeological research has been discovered that. Contribuendo a diminuire la biodiversità e IL diffuso cannibalismo di criceto in tutta.. Them her i 'd post her story on wild Muse like wolves, coywolves killed... To crap are the only pics we ’ ve seen many red foxes in the forest it, rego. Was contributed by a car in Connecticut two years ago ) of Norman Rockwellesque community that is rare this!