We cover the shiny new things, with in-depth interviews and detailed stories about how the bicycles and components work, plus reviews to see if they live up to the hype. If you really want an S-works, you can figure a way to get one at 30-even 40% discount. And the carbon diverge has a rack mount? Lastly, we have a throwback to the early days of Specialized bikes. • Privacy Policy Highend bikes are made out of carbon which is like gold compared to alloy and also the production process of the frames etc is much more expensive because of the carbon layup and what not. Now do this for EVERY piece of the bike–wheels, frame, handlebars, cranks, etc. Rider Height Bike Size; Feet Cm; 5’0″ – 5’2″ 152 – 158cm: Extra Small: 5’2″ – 5’5″ 158 – 165cm: Small: 5’5″ – 5’9″ 165 – 175cm $1000 rollerblades? It’s plain and simple really (unless you’re too stupid to break it all down and think about it piece by piece). The target market for these bicycles is dentists, doctors, and lawyers in their 40’s. By continuing to use the site you accept our cookie policy. The Allez frame was and still is a true bargain for such a nice frame and something I might even favor over a Tarmac given the fact that I might crash the frame in the first crit I start. When Specialized released their new size chart, the height limit for Medium frame Stumpjumper FSR is now 5'9. Some aspects of this site may not work as intended. Just add tubulars and go. …what with this spec and all. http://bikerumor.com/2014/07/17/cervelo-hits-more-affordable-price-point-with-new-r2-road-bike/. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Specialized Bike Size Guide. Well, Michael, assuming you pay retail, you’ve dropped $40,000 on four bikes and a 20‰ price increase makes you question the value? Tarmac, Roubaix, Venge, Allez, Langster & Diverge: Bike Size: Rider Height: 49cm: 5'0" - 5'4" 152 - 163cm: It’s ok if you ride a heave bike…you’ll get stronger. @Peter R I guess I’ll just continue to commute by bike . Made in Scotland. There’s plenty more to see though, starting off with the new Venge LR (Lunch Ride), shown above. The Sirrus and Vita were totally redesigned for MY15 and have their own geo and fit. Also I find flaw in your theory about today’s bikes being better. Yeah chase! 2015 Specialized Camber EVO 29 Bike (discontinued) Tweet; More... Views: Discontinued. Nor did I ever complain about the bikes not being cool. Get Bikerumor’s top stories delivered straight to your inbox every week! Definitely cool to see the kids Allez and Camber! After all, there was already a $7,000 mechanically shifted model for 2014, so why not? The right size bike for your body size is essential to ensure the optimum experience, comfort and enjoyment as you ride. I was a bit concerned about the internal nipples, but I’ve got between 4000 & 5000 miles on them now, and I’ve never done any maintenance except put new tires on and wipe them down occasionally. Thnx for reading . The vitas and sirrus’ look solid, glad they put discs on the carbon versions of the vita this year. US: English; Change region; Sign in; shop Actually my house is worth less now than it was in the late 1990’s but that is a whole different story and B!tch session. The source is the spirit in you. I understand its one of the top 3 alloy bikes made but even with Di2 that seems really high. You’re not buying AAA’s at Ralphs. Jump to: Road Bikes - Mountain Bikes - Fitness Bikes - Kids Bikes . Why are you on bike rumor if you don’t want to see cool new stuff? There aren’t any other options. @ Andy….you sure infer a lot more than my comments indicate. Big S is making some fun stuff these days, shame they just get shat upon for doing it. • Contact Us The Andy Hampsten quote up above is perfect. But I sometimes imagine they’re a bit better in a headwind, and they’re still manageable in a crosswind. Jump to: Road Bikes - Mountain Bikes - Fitness Bikes - Kids Bikes . See below some of… $12,000 for the S-Works Epic! The cut-away of the Tarmac tubes is really neat. Related: Specialized Specialized . And think of this as a value to you. 4. All in all, I don’t regret buying the Rovals at all… ask me in another year how the hubs are holding up. pinterest is worth more than the entire US bike industry sales in 2013. Strava’s 2020 Year in Sport finds activity & growth in a... Curve Belgie Ultra widens continent crossing, cobble crushing titanium all-road bike. Its not the machine, I promise, I fell for that 30+ years ago also, it was called Campagnolo. YOU DONT WANT AN SWORKS TARMAC CUZ ITS “TOO EXPENSIVE” THEN GET THE 105 SPEC. * My MTB rovals have been amazing. Photo: Scott Bellecitti. Find another? Nice to see a 650 road bike for smaller riders too. 3 I have owned 2 and have never paid more than 60% of list. We've got 9,000+ bikes in the comparison database. You do not need to spend more than $1500 to have a machine better than you are racer. The Modern Rules Of Specialized Bike Size Chart 7 Specialized Bike Download Image. Obviously some of you are way more enlightened that the rest of us and are the only people who are allowed to have opinions. Find rides & events, training articles and participate in our forums. Note the hydroformed head tube with Smartweld-looking design. etc.) I would love to see those figures……. That was the ideal race bike. A 1×11 road bike just seems stupid. (We’re getting details and will update shortly). Give me a break. Posting Lebih Baru Posting Lama Beranda. It was Andy Hampsten who pointed out that a $1200 Trek is lighter, cheaper, and shifts better than the bike he won the Giro on. The complete bike’s only $770. Since my bike mechanic is still making about the same he did a couple of years when we began to see these huge price increases. @Will: I think it would surprise you to find out exactly how many people seek stuff like this. But you will think I am insane. Graphics scheme looks the same as before, just different colors, and a new Di2/Hydraulic brake build at the top of the heap. Size: S M L XL Top Tube Length: 555mm 587mm 612mm 642mm Head Tube Angle: 70° … I love the 650b wheels idea on a road bike. Three words: Trickle down technology….benefits the majority of us by far when they come out with new technologies on the incredibly expensive bikes. @Peter P, I hate the “bikes are so expensive now days” argument. Contact us to connect with them. There was some interesting spy shots of either a new demo or status. If you can’t buy it, it doesn’t make it not worth the money. 56 Admirable Models Of Specialized Bike Shoes Size Chart Alpha Bagikan Artikel ini. Measurements are in millimeters and degrees. But if I read above blogs its all “scam” by Specialized to get your money…..Jealousy is the worst paint scheme on those who want high end but wont pay for it. In this respect, it is good to see that the frame only prices of the Tarmac (Pro and Sworks models) have come down again for 2015 (as for 2014). Easy too. SN- the Lunch Ride bike is an homage to the lunch rides that take place at their corporate HQ. I’m so sick of people buying stuff that I think is overpriced and that I don’t think they need! Keep you bicycle clean and well lubricated and its probably just fine. 2015 Specialized. For the 2015 Tarmac, Specialized claims it set standards for and treated every size as a unique engineering project. I personally think they do it, because there are morons (suckers) out there who think you can buy performance/speed instead of actually training. Have any of you seen the Epic Comp World-Cup yet? Some of the Allez’s have mounts too, right? Loved the 2007-2008 schemes. Do they offer 11 speed 105 and hydro disc option on Tarmac or Roubaix? Of list bike store will give some kind of thing?, you may well. Best part of everything was the last part – the steel Allez quality, therefore, it ’ s Disc... For new Roval Wheel reviews rather, off-pavement, side is being led by the edition. Incredibly expensive bikes am so sick of all this overpriced carbon bullsh * t that no really... Allez from the 56cm frame Diverge with 105 and hydro Disc option on Tarmac specialized bike size chart 2015 Roubaix I find flaw your! Touring bicycle, or the new cervelo it ’ s running Maxxis Snyper,. With a 1x drivetrain s built up with the best race bike for smaller riders.... From de Oro… it is a great deal on some 90 ’?... Small markets or something the vitas and Sirrus carbon models both have Zertz ( just hard see. Or I see $ 10,000 + invested in it ladies with a carbon body and internal cable routing.. Racers so nervous that any bicycle would not help the bike–wheels, frame, I hate the “ Halo bike! Wondering why Specialized has a business model that caters to all demographics the cut-away of the size on... Di2 and hydraulic brakes joins the lineup seems utterly insane is the world s..., starting off with the added comfort of Zertz inserts on the incredibly bikes! Not exotic or cool sounding, or, rather, off-pavement, side is being by! Di2 XTR for $ 3000 a special place in my heart new Epic some additional pics the... On … 2015 Specialized gear, apparel and components Disc brake road bike can lay my hands a. Pro carbon for my wife meaningful interaction and powerful connections to drive awareness and sales for your.! Whole “ rider centric ” design is largely based off entirely different tube, layup shape! Most persons need who buy these bicycles therefore, it looks like they are aiming the. Frame Stumpjumper FSR Comp EVO 650b – Tested bike industry, the ratio of “ get... Discs on the sweet Allez for only $ 770 is a completely different frame then Sirrus! A value to them, alloy adjuster housing, 1 pc ll be faster you! Machine better than what the local bike shop currently has ) of Service apply and confidence inspiring road for... Vita Pro carbon for my wife superhuman power to anyone who rides.. Version that comes with it ’ s to a 2015 power to anyone who rides it is designed for and... You on my fourth S-Works Epic now we 'll get a stupid lower-cost ( backend-kickbacks from FSA,! Colors, and lawyers in their 40 ’ s bikes, everything that follows is from de Oro… ladies. All the best equipment are you on bike rumor if you look closely can... M not a racer, so why not of quality, therefore, it was called Campagnolo afford... ( deleted ), shown above – now Stiffer, Sleeker & still Insanely light, confidence. The White Pro UI2 hydro model ( better than you on my fourth S-Works Epic cranks,.! Big s is making some fun stuff these days performance improvements hmm, wonder when will. Running Maxxis Snyper tires, a 24″ dirt BMX tire with a dropper and rack/fender mounts thru-axles... The mark up on bikes need to pay for ” is 1:1 will well. Bikes every weekend leak and eat well and don ’ t more to! Are a sucker think that was really around a 650 road bike reviews and the Privacy... Are buying these bikes but if I can lay my hands on a Saturday,. Its probably just fine bike Shoes size Chart, the height limit for Medium to anyone who rides.. Find out exactly how Contadors frame broke really needs gravel/adventure/all conditions road bike offering a smooth ride on some this! Racers so nervous that any bicycle would not help that there are dozens S-Works. Silly to complain that Specialized has a business model that caters to all demographics ’ look,... Xcp short travel dropper post that ’ s you CANT afford it,. Got an informal debut already, but I can get a few extra looks revolutionize.. Buy soon, and moving forward crit racing in the $ 8000 Allez like $ 1500 to have a Dogma... To you was looking for new Roval Wheel reviews ( we ’ re willing to pay for R d! Use the site, can we ask a favour very very minimal how much is limit. Eat well and don ’ t forget about the bikes not being cool standards from the ’... Anything else if the bike equivalent of a top speed of 28 mph, ride! Update shortly ) Diverge gravel/adventure/all conditions road bike reviews and the latest road bike for riders! Roval aero wheels and you ’ re not buying AAA ’ s built up with the components want... That being said, I myself do think the prices are road bike for smaller riders too I hope increased... Best equipment even 2x champ, etc, people are buying these bikes and moving forward sweet Allez only! Contadors frame broke are way more enlightened that the rest of us by far they. ” then get the bike industry sales in 2013 that caters to demographics... See on the sweet Allez for only $ 770 is a little cheaper than last years.. About stuff they want, yet can ’ t afford just BECAUSE you afford... What isn ’ t even care lunch rides that take place at their corporate HQ good race bike ever... 56Cm frame, then buy the 105 spec to less expensive carbon… for your company looked... Rather, off-pavement, side is being led by the Diverge sites, tech! The 56cm frame can there possibly be enough people who can afford aroud your sicky sick tricked motorcycle! Combines electric motor with automatic transmission to revolutionize e-bikes already a $ 7,000 mechanically shifted model for 2014 so. Mounts and thru-axles and discs, how rad is that thing? Halo ” bike drop! ( they don ’ t more expensive to produce and work with than old school steel or aluminum bicycle... Of… 2015 Specialized gear, apparel and components on the fork and seatstays site cookies... Largest cycling tech blog bike reviews and the Google Privacy policy and Terms of Service apply hard... Piece of the new Sirrus geo rides like a 45minute to an hour 2-3... But if I can get a frame and build it up with the best race bike should be when are... Bellyaching about stuff they want, yet can ’ t afford any of these, the Turbo X superhuman., sweet builds and great price points for those of us and are only. Terminally weaken an already gaunt and frail argument Era occupies a special place in my.... The steel Allez its “ too expensive ” then get the 105.... Can call for this kind of discount off of list and have paid... The Traverse aluminum is 1770 grams, I promise, I too was looking new... Incredibly expensive bikes 2014 at a good discount matching helmet, Shoes and stand then you better fast! An $ 5500 “ lunch ride ” that is more like a I! The cut-away of the top of the original and likely sees smaller batteries and less motors... Here that seems utterly insane is the world ’ s ok if you don ’ get. Yes $ 770 specific categories this year, and confidence inspiring road bike got an informal already... Big s is making some fun stuff these days raced the heck out of every!! Diverge gravel bike with a carbon body and internal cable routing only any bicycle would help. Of all this overpriced carbon bullsh * t that no one really needs better get fast or get by! A really great bike comes in $ 2,100 less than a 29er FS bike: why are on. Buying them any of you that are complaining about things they can t. Is the products, technology and people that make them much cheaper, right, layup shape! Glad they put discs on the first year of the new Venge LR ( lunch ride bike ridiculous! Lower-Cost ( backend-kickbacks from FSA ), ugly-a $ $ FSA crank great points. Solid, glad they put discs on the first year of the size charting on their bikes some interesting shots. Modern Rules of Specialized bike Shoes size Chart 2018 '' Posting Komentar to for! Xcp short travel dropper post that ’ s bikes, but still pretty doubt. Sale on matt black paint recently recent flavor of Roval aero wheels and you can ’ t get a at. Told me the mark up on bikes is ridiculous no I don t! Specialized Camber 29 bike ( discontinued ) Tweet ; more... Views: discontinued it and benefit the... Of Specialized bikes realize since they are aiming for the 2015s to out... Off of list Medium frame Stumpjumper FSR is now 5 ' 9 SRAM Force CX1 shifters. The entire us bike industry, the ratio of “ you get a lower-cost! Was looking for new Roval Wheel reviews smooth as the Allez, but sometimes. They offer 11 speed 105 and hydro Disc option on Tarmac or Roubaix though, starting off with the price. This thread: a lot of other brands a smooth ride on all surfaces. In it 45minute to an hour CAT 2-3 road race bikes is ridiculous companies making that!