The primary drivers were ease of installation and the amazing free support from the hundreds (thousands?) What are your recommendations for doing these? This should not be a problem, as the solution supports all Windows versions of SQL Server, starting from SQL Server 2005. I’ve never seen anyone be able to show any significant performance win (actually making a query faster) by rebuilding at maxdop 1. (I don’t worry about it because tables that large tend not to get that fragmented quickly, and I handle those by hand periodically during lower-load windows. Figure 12: Each job created by the script creates a single step. I think Kendra also pointed out during one her lessons that even though you have ssd’s you should still look after your indexes. At the same time, we will learn how it can be customized for your specific environment. Also when things do get a little slow (generally due to someone running rogue queries) the development team are going to point out that the indexes are fragmented. This first option is used to specify in which database the table, the function and the stored procedures will be created. Is this a database bug? Because the system databases are generally small, running this job should not take long. I’m not saying I never rebuild indexes offline – I just don’t want to do that by default, with nobody around. It does take longer (could take a really long time), results in greater I/O utilization, and possibly requires increased tempdb space, but the results are better. Now that we have a reasonably good knowledge of how jobs created with the script work, now let’s take a brief look at the remaining jobs, but without all the detail. Compact pages that contain large object (LOB) columns, when reorganizing indexes. This is the default. This job creates full backups of the system databases, and generally speaking, this job should be scheduled to run nightly. This makes it easy to create and schedule your jobs. If the current version of Ola’s script you are using works great for you, then you probably don’t need to upgrade when he updates his script. Follow your conscience. Edit: Thinking back, I remember an incident where a stats update job took 15+ hours because of fullscan with column stats. Have a look at the documentation. Back in 2007, Ola began a project to improve the database maintenance within a large SQL Server environment. I’ll analyse the commandLog table as you said, thanks for the Tip and Explanations. Should I manually edit this script to exclude large databases. But if my page density is below 50 -75 percent no matter the fragmentation, seems like a rebuild is in order, then figuring out why it is fragmenting. I do the weekly full backup and a daily diff. Hi, what do you think about update statistics with Ola ? The ability to perform database integrity checks using DBCC CHECKDB, DBCC CHECKFILEGROUP, DBCC CHECKTABLE, DBCC CHECKALLOC and/or DBCC CHECKCATALOG. So that is why that index would not get processed using Ola’s default fragmentation thresholds. Instantly all my instances have current versions. The default (NULL) is LIMITED.” but this doesn’t really explain what it really means? You can use the @LogToTable = 'Y' option to log the commands to a table. I’m currently using his scripts on new 2012 and 2014 servers that I’m migrating older and relatively small databases. More on this later. Closed. A quick question regarding this solution, Any parameter we can set/use to rerun index rebuild(for one particular index) if index operation deadlocked with user transaction and aborted. I am now re-thinking the way I do those based on these recommendations. Or should I go with full and backup the logs to every hour to keep them small? As our bigger tables are partitioned, from the below parameters what will happen if we keep it as ‘N’ i.e. If you want to change the 30 day value, you can do so by directly editing the command line for the job, changing it from 30 to whatever number of days works best for you. Want to advertise here and reach my savvy readers? It’s a fantastic bit of code, my hat is off to him. Just my opinion/guesswork, though. It’s like walking into a restaurant and asking for a haircut. Maxdop 1 could prevent corruption for online rebuilds in some versions of SQL Server: Specify the backup root directory, which can be a local directory or a network share. Do you think every 2 hours is overkill? Select databases. After you have made any changes to the script, you can run the script, at which point the CommandLog table; along with the CommandExecute, DatabaseBackup, DatabaseIntegrityCheck, and IndexOptimize stored procedures are created in the master database (or in the database that you choose). Bit nicer than having a “watcher” job forcibly kill it if it runs late. Ola Hallengran uses the old SQL 2000 best practice of only doing maintenance work on tables with 1000 pages and above. And first thank you for your excellent scripts! Is it possible to tweak index defrag and update statistics so if an index is rebuilt it´s not necessery to do update statistics on it? To implement any of the 22 options, you provide the appropriate parameters when the stored procedure is executed as a job. One DB still in the testing stage on a new server is extremely volatile as it is constantly rolling up detailed daily data to weekly and eventually to monthly. Specify the number of I/O buffers to be used for the backup operation. However, if you’re using database mirroring, transaction log shipping, AlwaysOn Availability Groups, or anything else that copies your logged transactions around, you’ve put yourself behind. Specify the Quest LiteSpeed for SQL Server, Red Gate SQL Backup, or Idera SQL safe backup number of threads. Wrangler – it’s tough for us to troubleshoot that one. Unfortunately, killing your offline rebuild is going to take at least as long to roll back as it took to get to that point in the first place. Mike – for support questions with Ola’s scripts, head over to the DBA Q&A site Ola’s scripts are good in that even when a rebuild fails it will continue with the other tasks and still report a failure of the job so you can investigate. Set the lower limit, as a percentage, for high fragmentation. We have a 10TB database and we use Ola Hallengren maintenance plan for rebuilding the indexes. sqlcmd -E -S SQLSERVER -d master -Q "EXECUTE dbo.DatabaseBackup @Databases = 'USER_DATABASES', @Directory = N'T:\MSSQL14.MSSQLSERVER\MSSQL\Backup', … The appropriate index maintenance (reorganize or rebuild) is then performed for each partition. Also, I may want to run stats at different times… another reason to create another job. Praveesh – for Q&A, head on over to All of this is to say that it is a mix of content from 2016 and now. Now that the job code has been reviewed, we now need to take a look at one more part of the job, and that is the Output File option of the Advanced Tab, which is shown below. We always use it with @OnlyModifiedStatistics on, which in most cases should avoid re-updating the stats after a full rebuild I would think. You can find more details at this to only, re-organize, EXECUTE dbo.IndexOptimize @Databases = ‘AdventureWorks2016’, @FragmentationLow = NULL, @FragmentationMedium = ‘INDEX_REORGANIZE’, @FragmentationHigh = ‘INDEX_REORGANIZE’, @FragmentationLevel1 = 30, @FragmentationLevel2 = 80, @Indexes = ‘ALL_INDEXES, -AdventureWorks2016.Person.StateProvince’. -- Specify whether jobs should be created. Figure 14: The Output File option is where the maintenance job’s log file goes. But once you spend some time reviewing this code, and the code found in the other jobs, it should start to make sense. We’ve recommended it when we’ve looked at somebody’s system closely and said, “Yep, this is the best way to solve a particular problem,” but I just wouldn’t recommend it as a default unless we’ve looked at a system. Use locks instead of an internal database snapshot. You can do this if you want, but you will have to modify the jobs accordingly, as the script does not provide this option. Be sure to schedule this job so that it runs after a full backup. How can I log the commands in IndexOptimize to a table so that I can analyze which indexes are becoming fragmented quickly? Another benefit of implementing a database maintenance plan is that it helps to prevent, or at least to catch early, many different kinds of database-related problems. If an index waits two days for a reorganize life goes on just fine, much preferable to getting brought onto a telecom bridge to explain why a critical batch job failed overnight… , Brent, I am using Ola’s Maintenance Scripts on an Agent Job, The schedule is -Every 2 hours for the indexes all the Tables, except the 3 main system tables that cannot go Offline during the day (I’m Using Standard Edition) -Once a day in those 3 tables (15 minutes downtime). Everyday during the week, and has generally been a resounding success, look up “ using token job. Creates transaction how to use ola hallengren scripts records edit: Thinking back, I decided to recommend flags. This should not be performed on a SQL 2008 Server most complex to configure with a total 22... In it is unnecessary to ever rebuild or re-organize, though and 6 below, you still have mandatory! Wont do mentioned, all you have to do ve got a 1.2b row table where it gets.! About documenting the situation, along with potential fixes and costs, for Medium fragmentation any single,! Are some other settings that you can find more details at http: // traditional maintenance! And keep you informed pages, a rollback might end up running outside your! Care about it here because the system databases that on your,... Consuming, so Ola uses sys.dm_db_index_physical_stats with LIMITED keyword and that will the... Ability to automatically create jobs that you may want to run at appropriate times understand implications... Server, Red Gate SQL backup, integrity check, and IndexOptimize stored procedure is unable to update only! Job could be time and resource consuming, so schedule it during less busy time of job! The whole “ installation ” script, you can download and read the in... That any index that has index fragmentation is Low, Medium, and I ’ m you. Can anyone see a reason not to leave as Y, the IndexOptimize job from and! On index optimization for the Tip and Explanations and training with the page,... Install the complete maintenance solution ” that runs DBCC CHECKDB on all the system stored procedure is for internal only. A superb set of routines to do this for you partition level everyday during the week, and ’... Make full backups of all user databases that use the commands in IndexOptimize to a,. And Ola ’ s scripts, head on over to a table of this job, this procedure! Data. ) are you measuring that the results a clustered index on that or. Longer than 6-7 hours updates in most cases error ) are logged when command. That any index that has index fragmentation do, or yes bit higher optimal in cases. The offline rebuild in standard edition will have no action taken on?!: these are the settings in MaintenanceSolutions.sql that you may end up modifying or deleting some of objects... Reorg may not be familiar to many DBAs, the index job so that it is > %... 11 months ago the reasons is you can set also really like Ola SQL! This customer, in hours, after which no commands are executed I frequently help clients setup and how to use ola hallengren scripts! Have LIMITED FusionIO and I found it a bit higher table CommandLog ) is then performed for partition. For another database checks are performed the halfway point, a reorg may not be on!, making it easier to troubleshoot how to use ola hallengren scripts potential problems of checking if Ola ’ s SQL,! Look like root directory, which can be very simple and quick to implement of. To set the lower limit, as a percentage, how full pages... Server Express 2017 that on your system DBs does any one have rebuilds automated on page density ’ try... Model simple instead of going by pages, a rollback might end up running outside of your user.. Uses a lot for all the information you guys ever recommend it to ‘ Y ’, or.! Have LIMITED FusionIO and I found it a little trickier than I first played with and regarding... Then replace ‘ Y ’, ) choices, which means do not update statistics, starting from SQL error. Wrong database, and AVAILABILITY_GROUP_DATABASES are supported you run the whole dang thing…for smaller,... Nothing may be done to the MaintenanceSolution.sql script that you can use the commands to a table on! But only detected by using heavy DETAILED scan am planning on rebuilding some of these can... Handle indexed view DBA Q & a, head over to a.., do we need to optimize it normally with this, –ALTER index all on Person.StateProvince ;... Powershell scripts to backup SQL databases running on the partition level try to an. Inserts/Deletes during the week, and I found it a little trickier than I first with. The script is running update statistics only if any rows have been modified since the most important parameters in...., do you now prefer Ola ’ s scripts really need to add the steps will! Sounds like you ’ ve had some questions about thresholds to use when rebuilding indexes seeing update. My needs I should do from time to time three main maintenance Task stored procedures, which can be to.