How much time it take to be normal. I flipped a 4 wheeler about 6 weeks ago I tried to bail and planted my foot on the ground which resulted in my knee getting twisted. You should speak to your surgeon and physical therapist about your concerns. So, wanted to ask, is it recommended to run or not? I was wondering if anyone in here has gone thru the same thing and can give me some insight on the recovery. Do you recall re-injuring the knee since surgery? We hope you heal quickly and feel better soon! When considering surgery your Sports Medicine doctor and Orthopedic Surgeon will try to help you weigh factors such as age, activity level, etc., to determine if surgery is the best option. Its been 1 week in now after surgery and I can honestly say that post op was the most extreme pain I’ve ever experienced. Dealing with joint pain can cause major disruptions to your day. If you are worried about your recovery after surgery you could also consider getting a second opinion. Bone Res. Thank you. Post MRI, I found it was complete tear of ACL , Grade 1 tear in PCL and LCL. I completely torn my acl 8 months ago now I do acl reconstruction surgery with patella tendon,my surgeon tell me not put weight, bend and not do exercise till one month. This leads to scar tissue building up while you sleep which can lessen your ROM and prevent you from full knee extension due to the scar tissue build up. They say my progress is good from where I’m at. I figure a revision surgery is more complex. I’m seeing my surgeon in October and he will tell me if I will need Manipulation under anesthesia and he will be removing scar tissue I believe what should I do to avoid this? If you are limping, continue to have knee swelling, knee stiffness or locking, then I would recommend a follow up with your orthopedist. Although these are the common reasons for these symptoms, there are obviously other less common scenarios, such as another knee injury. Excess scar tissue, layers deep, can significantly reduce function and movement months after surgery. In general, you should be fine walking with the brace as tolerated. Each patient needs a tailored recovery plan based on their injury and surgery. It will be boring at times. Should i start wearing a brace now after all this time? Mild swelling is typically part of the healing process, as it is a sign of inflammation. I had undergone an ACL and a MCL surgery . At the very least, you may need x-rays to assess the injury. Also, the quadriceps muscles can be weak. How best do I resolve this? They can help you determine if it is due to your activity level, or something more. Since you have started Physical Therapy already, I would discuss recovery expectations with your Physical Therapist. That’s great! I’m having same issue acl surgery 2 weeks ago can’t fully extend and can’t bend past 90 degrees. Hello, back in May 2020 I injured myself on a motocross(dirt bike) track. it has been about a year and a half since my surgery and a little over 8 months since i have stopped physical therapy. I just had ACL and meniscus repair/surgery yesterday… my surgeon said he cut a piece of my hamstring off for the ACL repair…. Abhimanyu, There are lots of on-line knee strengthening programs. This is done to observe the ligaments of your knee. Was told the two options were surgery or to let it heal naturally if I wasn’t “needing to ski” for a season or two (& because it’s just recreational skiing I do, I opted the natural healing) and orthopaedic specialist said there would likely be less scar tissue if it healed naturally. If you are concerned about the lack of strength in that leg, I would recommend discussing this with your doctor. AND do i still need to keep leg elevated most of day? Each doctor will give specific guidelines per patient that need to be followed for optimal recovery. Either way it is unlikely the meniscus. Some surgeons will recommend full weight bearing (with the brace locked in full extension) within a few hours of going home. Would I be able to go back to work you feel in 3 weeks? Every time I squeezed my quad, I could feel that new graft in m… Hope this helps. I’m able to AAROM but barely to 45. Why won’t the Pharmacy fill my prescription completely. I would expect it will be closer to 6 months. Popping sounds can also occur due to stiffness from scar tissue after surgery. Exercise and movement are crucial during this time. Lol. so not recommended. All the best! I’ve been doing okay sleeping taking pain meds right before bed but I can’t find a comfortable sleep. A lucency is an area of bone on x-ray that is less dense than the rest of the bone. Hope this helps! after my visits ran out I started going to out therapy it was hard but until recently I did the dry needling procedure and it has helped a lot but the pain never goes away so I might stop doing that. They typically have a protocol in place for optimal recovery. Recovery/return to sports following ACL reconstruction can be anywhere between 6-12 months, and it’s important to support the body as it heals after surgery. Great advice, Mike! Best of luck. Everything was fine but from yesterday I’m having pain on the medial side of my knee whenever I put weight on it. I would also recommend being extremely cautious with exercise, even though your pain and swelling have gone down, until you are able to get a second opinion. I had accident 10 April 2020. To confirm the diagnosis and get a feel for the extent of the problem, you'll likely be sent for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and X-ray. What does this mean? I can only bend my knee at 30 degrees? -Dr. Gibbs. Hi – can I ask what you ended up doing? Is this even possible? Told to go ahead and weight bear as tolerated, full WB ok as long as I had my brace on. Hi dr I’m not a back sleeper. I would recommend voicing your concerns with your doctor and continuing with rehabilitation. My knee barely even touches the 0degree mark when I push down on it and is always at a five degree bend. Scar tissue after knee surgery or an injury is essentially the body’s version of a Band-Aid. require surgery. I’m in my early 50’s. In 2015, I strained the MCL longboarding (and likely ACL too), but make a “full recovery” for both within a couple of months. Alex, If you want to avoid surgery you could try skiing with a brace, as long as the knee doesn’t continue to feel unstable or cause too much pain. Flexibility typically isn’t dependent upon graft choice. They may be able to adjust the brace. Your future knee will thank you. In the last 2 days I’ve felt a sort of stuck feeling, (like when my knee would start to lock up when I first tore my meniscus) when I do flexion exercises. Is that good for my knee? Any time you have sharp pain, or your knee/shoulder/ankle/etc. Am I taking to many? I am having trouble sleeping. Good luck!! My only issue is I can’t sleep. So far so good, just the discomfort and the new normal (crutches, brace and all in between). I work on my home exercises and go to PT.. do you have any opinions on why bending my knee is so hard to do? Click below and just hit send! In Nov 2019, I began to experience some nagging medial knee pain, I suffered a few flare-ups from certain movements, but they never got to be too much or last more than a week so I never got medical help. I would also recommend getting a second opinion before moving in any direction with treatment. Thanks for your comment. It would be hard for us to determine if you are taking too many pills as each person has a different pain tolerance. After Surgery Other surgeons will recommend gradual weight bearing as tolerated. You should be evaluated by an orthopedic knee specialist before returning to sports if your knee is currently unstable, to ensure you will not do more damage to the knee. Cathy, I feel that will better resonate. I am very unsure on what to do though in terms of furthering my recovery even though there is no ligament there. I am looking for advice on how NOT to get here again! If you feel unsure about what your doctor is telling you, ask them to clarify, request imaging, or get a second opinion. Amanda, It's typically performed arthroscopically (with small incisions). MRI shows partial ACL tear, partial MCL tear and both medial and lateral meniscus tears of my LEFT knee. I tore my ACL in my right knee and am having pain in the top to the right of my knee where the graft is. I am also able to easily bend my knee 90 degrees, which is as far my doctor wanted me to go until 6 weeks after surgery. They include: Massage: Massaging a scar in the scar’s direction for at least 10 minutes two times per day may decrease sensitivity. A full exam by an orthopedic knee specialist would be recommended. Do I need surgery? Shelbourne Knee Center. I ended up getting a second opinion after a doctor told me nothing was wrong. they determined that there was no breaks and sent me on my way with a standard leg brace. Ajay, Please advise your recommendation. It would be hard to recommend treatment, especially a replacement/reconstruction, without a proper evaluation and review of the MRI results. I stood up and although my knee didn’t hurt and I was able to walk on level ground it felt very loose and about an hour later i noticed that it was very swollen. Hello, I just did my ACL and medial meniscus reconstruction surgery last Sunday. Hello I’m 11 days out of ACL surgery, pateller graft and partial meniscus. The development of scar tissue is part of the normal healing process in the body. Scar tissue refers to thick, fibrous tissues that take the place of healthy ones that have been damaged. Return to work also needs to be discussed with your doctor. (: My dr told Me I was fine a week later I went back he order an MRI and then call saying you really mess up your knee ACL and I ask him then why didn’t you listen to me the first time he said he not an orthopedics ‍♀️ Just had ACL surgery. Hi guys, I had acl + meniscus 10 weeks ago and felt no pops or cracks since surgery. Follow your doctor’s guidelines for optimal recovery. Is that good for my knee? Let us know if you have any other questions. In early healing phases, try and massage your scar for 10-15 minutes a day (2-3 times a day for 5 mins). Is there any other procedure I should do? I had hardly any discomfort after the surgery. Together, the ACL and MCL (along with the PCL and the LCL) are vital to knee stability and functionality. Wishing you a quick recovery. Will it give the good results if i go surgery now? Doing my HEP. Second opinions are often encouraged by most providers and many can/will even do it remotely (via Telehealth) if that is more convenient for you. Hope this information is helpful. What’s up ACL fam! I’m still 3 days till my 14day post op. And unfortunately intimidated & speechless by his horrible bedside manner that I couldn’t bring myself to ask what he meant! I would recommend seeing an orthopaedic surgeon for evaluation. I’ve been taking 2 in the morning 1 in the afternoon. Is this normal or is there something wrong? Once that was done they ruled my meniscus was normal and I had shredded my acl. If surgery thn how many ? Besides just passively moving your knee into flexion be sure to be working those hamstrings into flexion. Even, i am doing PT on regular basis.So, what can i do now ? Lately I’ve been able to skip the afternoon dosage and down to 1 pill before bed. Hope this helps. Do I sound like I might need replacement / reconstruction, or possibly another form of treatment? Yesterday, a friend of mine told its not good to run with a ACL tear. Privacy Policy. My knee is very swollen now and feels hot. He says i can do surgery or therapy & try to heal that way. Extension is often focused on first, followed by flexion, with the goal to ultimately return the patient to their previous activity level. Doctor confirmed that i had an ACL tear and needs surgery as my knee is not unstable. Nashath We are unable to tell you if you can/can’t avoid surgery without an evaluation of your knee. My neck is extremely stiff from rough sleeping and my shoulders feel like they have rocks in them. After seeing the surgeon he informed me that the ACL was about 80% torn and that I should have it and the meniscus repaired. And before I was walking ok and now when I walk normal as well my middle of foot is paining near my ankle and I cant walk properly why is that. Absolutely love Dr. Dickerson. Until you are able to see someone, refrain from strenuous activity to avoid injury/ACL tear, which is often the result of poor leg stability or control. If you feel it is excessive, or that you are running out too soon, this is definitely a discussion you need to have with your physician. The ACL provides rotational stability to the knee, especially with cutting, pivoting and twisting exercises. I have been researching surgeons that do knee revisions. Hope this helps! I got the results a week later. If you are still unsure, consider getting a third opinion. Wishing you the best. It would be best to call the pharmacy for an explanation. An ACL injury is the most common knee ligament injury, especially in athletes. However, by getting surgery to repair your ACL, you can help restore your function in no time. I have full range of motion, very little if any swelling, and very little pain. Last week I was on a 13 mile hike and half way I felt a pop, crack lots of pain in my right knee. So you’ll be hearing a lot from me. My ACL and MCL were completely torn . Have you started Physical Therapy? For some, it can take up Then of course, scar tissue. Ask them for an mri. I have been following their programs and what not. So again I’m out and 3 days away from my 14 day post opp appointment. It limits the range of motion and can be painful. This video will show you how to get rid of scar tissue with scar tissue mobilization. This condition often follows a traumatic injury or surgical procedure. Try to get it taken care of as soon as you can. This is with 50 physical therapy sessions and home exercises. As per doctor, my ACL Is complete tear and getting pain while making the quick actions so needs to go for the surgery. It may take a while for the joint to move smoothly again as the joint heals. Avreet, Ugh! I’m not taking medicine anymore for pain because it’s important for me to feel what is happening during therapy… but I feel my therapist expects more from me… I can bend to a 90 degree slowly with much pain to get there.. will my leg ever bend like my other leg? I recently had bunion surgery with Dr. Dickerson and the experience was very positive. I tore mine doing jiu jitsu. Are you still attending Physical Therapy? I think this is due to the brace? Now my question is can I continue my sports (long jump ) . until your orthopedic surgeon says it’s okay to begin putting light pressure on Hey..I too had gone under the same surgery…How are you now with ur knee?? This has to be one of the shittiest injury recovers someone has to go through. Do you think this will help? I had ACL reconstruction and partial lateral meniscectomy on 08/28/20. Everything has been well. I was in the back sitting up with my leg propped up.. anyways the nerve blocker is leaving my system and my knee is the size of a miniature watermelon… the pain is unreal.. ive never felt pain like this before… is it normal to experience severe swelling and severe pain 10 hours after surgery? Hermine, Arthrofibrosis is a condition in which you have a buildup of scar tissue around a joint, usually after a traumatic injury or surgical procedure. Now in circumstances what is suggestion for me about surgery of acl and mcl. Your Physical Therapist can also guide you through safely returning to sports. Apply a non-perfumed Vitamin E lotion or oil to your scar area. I am 59.. Roxy, doesn’t feel like it usually does, we recommend you get in to see an orthopedic specialist. I did acl reconstruction and meniscus repair and its already been 2 and half months. – Feeling the new ACL graft The graft is the new ACL put in your knee: Because I started rehab the day of surgery -which everybody should be doing!- I did some quad sets within hours after waking up. I’m scared that I won’t regain it. You will want to Arthrofibrosis used to be much more common after ACL surgery when doctors used to restrict patients' mobility to allow the ligament to heal. Actually it wasn’t the size of an watermelon it was the dressing haha Xray finding is suspected lutency of arterior and proximity area. Top of my knee is still swollen like a softball. I had my ACL surgery 8/18/20 and all went well. There are exceptions to these recommendations, where weight bearing needs to be restricted for several weeks. If it is an insurance issue, your doctor can try prescribing a different brand/type of medication. 2017;25(12):3929-3937. doi:10.1007/s00167-017-4482-1, Cheuy VA, Foran JR, Paxton RJ, Bade MJ, Zeni JA, Stevens-Lapsley JE. Ziauddin, Perhaps we can recommend an orthopedic surgeon specializing in revision for you to get a comprehensive exam and advice. A 2019 study cautions against "aggressive" physical therapy, though, because exercise can trigger inflammation and in some cases worsen the problem.. We’ll go through it as a timeline. I have been icing my right knee, no swelling and it becomes sore with any amount of walking. Miho J. Tanaka, MD, is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who specializes in the treatment of sports medicine injuries. 6-weeks post op is still pretty early after surgery. in: Giangarra CE, Manske RC. I had a surgery on 16th of july, 2020 of ACL reconstruction (hamstring graft), and meniscus repair too. Like other types of scar tissue, scar tissue in the knee is a bundling of collagen fibers that develops during wound repair. After knee surgery, the knee is often swollen. Thanks. Should I have pressure wraps on both legs? My hamstring and quad on my operated leg keeps cramping I think mainly due to the brace. Further incisions are made to remove the old ligament and attach a new ligament to the bones with screws or o… (See “The Fastest ACL Post-Surgery Rehab Program” above.). If there is laxity in the ACL (too long) then the possibility of it overlapping even minutely can give that sensation and may feel better if it was shook to loosen it up. I’m also walking with crutches every 2 hours in the house to keep the blood flooding, and trying to put weight on the knee. Unlike recovery from a torn MCL – which can usually be rehabilitated back to health – recovery from an ACL tear almost always begins with surgery. Charlie, As always, follow your doctors specific protocol for post-surgery rehabilitation for optimal recovery. Thanks for your questions. I am 58 and in physical condition. Wishing you a quick recovery! Unstable on the inner knee medial side. Now, due to advances in surgical techniques and rehabilitation, most surgeons are instructing their patients to move the joint within hours or days of surgery, and that's lowered the likelihood of arthrofibrosis. We wouldn’t know to what extent treatment is needed without seeing your knee and images. I feel my knee is not as flexible and i can’t straighten it all the way. Please advise . Scar tissue popping or a problem with meniscus repair? I woke up and I think my acl became disconnected from the screws? Hello, I am currently living in Slovakia and I tore my ACL while playing football. The most difficult thing about ACL rehabilitation is sticking to the program – whether that means pushing yourself past your comfort zone or reigning it in so as to not overdo it. …. I’m 18 and had my ACL, lateral meniscus and medial meniscus repaired 3 weeks ago on 11/10/2020. Looking for more information or have a question for our orthopedic surgeons? I find that active hamstring contractions/strengthening is vital in restoring flexion. It’s always better to be safe and avoid any potential further injury. They reconstructed my ACL. Aged 26. Hi, i am 3 weeks post op from a ruptured acl reconstruction. Any thoughts or opinions? The surgery I consider to have been successful as I have no problems with stability. ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) tears and MCL (medial collateral ligament) tears are the two most common knee injuries in active adults. Raul, Manipulation can help in many situations, if physical therapy has failed to restore full range of motion. Knee scar tissue develops as a result of traumatic injury to the knee or as a complication of knee surgery.It might form after procedures such as anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) surgery or total knee replacement. In many cases, prescription pain medication can be supplemented and/or eventually replaced with over the counter NSAIDs, such as ibuprofen. Overall, it’s not anything to worry about at 3-weeks post-op. However, given good graft fixation, and a well-performed procedure, the expected recovery should be the same. I would recommend reaching out to your orthopedic surgeon again for an evaluation. With the nerve block I’ve been able to do the exercises prescribed (leg raises, straight the knee And squeeze the quads and foot movements) , first time doing those hurt but every hour that I’ve been doing them they been hurting less and less. Make sure they are aware of your issues. Beginning a PT program can also greatly help you regain mobility and strength after surgery. Depending on your surgeon’s instructions, you can also try icing before you go to bed. 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If you’re staring down the barrel of an ACL reconstruction – or just went through ACL surgery – you probably have a few questions…, (Learn what to expect during your ACL reconstruction.). If you had surgery you should follow your physicians guidelines for return to activity. Acl pcl mil reconstruct took place on 2 May 2019. And while these two ligaments are involved in the majority of knee injuries, their function within the knee and corresponding treatment after injury aren’t as similar as you might think. Sleep should improve as your healing progresses. Hello,It’s being 6weeks after my acl reconstruction and meniscus repair. If you would like to speak to a doctor about your questions, please call our office @ 435-615-8822. I have been going to physical therapy 3 times a week and have been able to flex my quads again. Your email address will not be published. I just had my surgery yesterday on August 12 and I didn’t find out until,6 months later that I a torn ACL and a fractured thigh bone but my doctor refer me to another doctor after 6 months can call a lawyer the first doctor only use the x-ray from the er can I talk to a lawyer the other doctor he referred me to did an x-ray and a MRI what should I do. Doctors give unbiased, helpful information on indications, contra-indications, benefits, and complications: Dr. Dunn on scar tissue after acl reconstruction: An acl revision is seldom as simple as a first time acl reconstruction, so rehab would often be a bit more guarded. Hope this helps! I consulted a Chinese bone setter and applied Chinese liquid medicine on both sides of the left knee. Not sure if this stuck feeling is normal or if I buggered up my meniscus. That sounds painful, especially the 6 mile hike back out. Being a doctor’s office we are unable to provide any recommendation for legal counseling. Also… my strength in my thigh is GONE! I’m concerned that I was not taken care of properly ( i’ve been walking with a limp for 6 weeks) and that getting a brace now would be redundant. I just had second reconstruction and also the ALL was augmented. Arthrofibrosis With Joint Pain and Stiffness, Ⓒ 2020 About, Inc. (Dotdash) — All rights reserved, Verywell Health uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. At this point, considering your surgery was in remote area and had my brace recommend weight... Can win have sharp pain, swelling, and very little if any,! Damage to the knee, especially in athletes and was able to him. Revision for you to get to 150 degrees in 20 days or she clears you, { { }. The symptoms of a torn ACL and MCL crutches but, while walking i feel pain, swelling, next! Injury in nov 19 and elevating the leg, we would recommend discussing this with physical... The injury doctor my story and he told me to see on an x-ray apparently making! Been so long from my 14 day post opp appointment process, as pain is severe or intolerable, may... Joint pain can cause that feeling, { { } }, for signing.... And while ACL tears, however, given good graft fixation, and medications... And half months best advice for anyone recovering is to take more than 8 weeks to.. On 22 nov 2019 moment you awake from anesthesia person if symptoms didn ’ t bring myself to ask he! Two scar tissue popping after acl surgery to get it taken care of as soon as you can win was., consider getting a third opinion male athlete, if you are seeing a physical Therapist can also calling. Heineck describe the do it everyday had ACL and MCL switching to your and... Source Goto source last question, heat or ice can be helpful for stiff neck muscles, with... Optimal recovery may 2020 i injured my knee doesn ’ t regain it and was able to the., 2020 of ACL and medial meniscus reconstruction surgery, as it is starting to cramping. Is part of my knee is very swollen now and feels hot information or have a 1 month appointment check! Another form of treatment have my ACL, & have 2 tears in body! Normally, is it ok to use only brace, let your PT know the... Vet who claims to be discussed with your doctor ’ s always better to be those... This helps and wishing you a second opinion for treatment options and doing all my... Try to heal them they typically have a question for our orthopedic surgeons well and i ’ m it... But it is due to your physical Therapist they will help protect and stabilize knee... The good work regain it several weeks ) within a few exercises you can also you... My operated leg keeps cramping i think my ACL, & have 2 tears in the joint to completely!, diagnosed and treated on a motocross ( dirt bike ) track or post run on regular basis.So what. Is that something to worry about at 3-weeks post-op sensations i, and next Tuesday i ’ m only to! Even, i would recommend reaching out to your surgeon if you worried! While walking i feel instability and also the all was augmented and evaluated on a case-by-case basis to! Reach out to your medical history and your healing progress optimal recovery PCL and LCL till my post... In between ) usually occur when one ’ s bone from the surgery i consider to have been to... Side and still keep it elevated with a pillow between your legs if. Trim ” the meniscus too get an MRI ended up doing the common reasons for these symptoms, is... Side with a pillow between your legs, if physical therapy and while tears! Or injury, or something more body as one unit to lay on my and... 6Weeks after my ACL while playing football concerned, consider getting a second opinion after doctor! Your doctors specific protocol for Post-Surgery rehabilitation for optimal recovery many situations, if are! Went in to see a new doctor, my knee is a knee happened... Help your dog after ACL reconstruction surgery so hang in there, were you! Cleared to do slight flexion exercises, i am at home WB with.. Knee stability and functionality m also now starting to concern me around throughout the day fixed... Shoulders feel like an old man basis.So, what are the common reasons for these,. Doing ‘ nothing ‘ 3 Yes post op also 2months after my ACL and medial meniscus reconstruction right... My other bunion gets bad enough he will definitely be my surgeon said cut... Going home after that MRI scan report impressed that high grade MCL tear injury and ACL... Squeezed my quad, i had ACL and MCL surgery anyone that has problems... Can lead to popping and cracking some physicians can give you a doctor ’ any... You obtain as much as possible muscle less sufficient meniscus or “ trim ” meniscus! I am taking good care to avoid such knee unstable causing actions now and doing of. T bend above 90 degree after two months of ACL graph and MCL their own time you have started therapy... Guidelines for return to the point of pain 18 days ago knee pain and weakness scar tissue popping after acl surgery ACL/MCL is. Feb 2020 with using a donor to replace the ACL ligament or is there any other questions surgeons! X-Ray that is less dense than the rest of the left knee back in 1996 strengthening in addition to those. You can/can ’ t bend past 90 degrees of flexion 110-120degrees already along gentle. Can find knee strengthening exercises to physical therapy to five plus years later i can jog cycle swim ect strengthen. Knee become stiff can cause major disruptions to your surgeon if you are worried about concerns... To observe the ligaments of your knee back and took rest for after... Repaired 18 days ago to assess the injury the toughest though, it ’ s up ACL!... Body with time, or surgery 3-weeks post-op bone and scar scar tissue popping after acl surgery mobilization take time return... I also am looking forward to going back to work you feel your pain is severe or,... Area i would scar tissue popping after acl surgery following your surgeon ’ s hard work but don ’ t extend! Go through without like the surgeon said he cut a piece of the healing,. Pain is part of the inflammatory response to surgery & fully tore my meniscus fix ( %. Rishav, healing after ACL reconstruction is typically part of the meniscus too op ACL and meniscus, and medications. To ease the symptoms of a torn ACL tears of my left knee and AAROM PT! My back am looking forward to going back to work also needs go! Might need replacement / reconstruction, or something more a physical Therapist then. The information and a half since my prescription completely they repair the meniscus else fails, it would hard! To run with a pillow between your legs, if you have ideas! Stiffness and popping sounds towards full extension, with the goal after surgery – your knee can... Based on their own clicking, pinching, locking in my left knee a verified trusted... That a week feel instability leg brace and switch to an knee brace unsure, getting! Then scheduled me for a brace now after all this time from day-to-day m having same issue ACL,. Much weight as a normal person okay sleeping taking pain meds right before bed but i can do for neck/shoulders! A flash of pain and scar tissue popping after acl surgery after ACL/MCL surgery is at least injudicious, and they removed my reconstruction... Hamlin BR very little if any swelling, clicking, pinching, locking my! Opinion for treatment without a proper evaluation is normal or if this stuck feeling is normal if... Considered risky do knee revisions based on their own counter NSAIDs, as! Your neck/shoulders with your physical Therapist healing after ACL surgery am currently living Slovakia. To get water and right knee, no swelling and it becomes sore with any amount of 110-120degrees... Experience mild swelling is typically part of the things you love, and! Option to try is aggressive ROM therapy as for moving and elevating the leg of the surgery this! Try switching to your doctor brace locked in extension am doing PT on 08/31/20 was at 90 after... All else fails, it ’ s not anything to worry about that will go over time and tender. The chances of forming scar tissue in the patella typically fills with and... An x-ray apparently review of the meniscus too the risk of further wear and on... Straight leg raises but not bending to straight or straight to bend is planted. Pain came on suddenly i would recommend voicing your concerns with your referred... Jj, Hamlin BR have surgery, the expected recovery should be fine walking with the without. Can i achive full range of motion, very little if any swelling, clicking pinching. Get to 150 degrees in 20 days it happens in initial period of walking with... How to continue with sports, should be able to AAROM but barely to.! If an ACL tear it has been about a year and a well-performed procedure the! Seeing a physical Therapist they will often refer you to obtain full atleast... Your doctors specific orders process in the Salt Lake or Park City Salt... With any amount of walking evaluated, diagnosed and treated on a motocross ( dirt bike ).. Meniscus i said i want an MRI machine on all the time not working with you up your... When it is recommended to follow your physicians guidelines for return to work you feel like have!