But generally yes, Sig's ammo performs above average in most calibers, and very well in some. Regarding Federal HST 9mm 147 gr. I don't doubt your opinion is long- and deeply-considered, which is great. Hammer, You can be sure he pulled that little bit of "wisdom" right from Marshall and Sanow; that's the sort of lingering damage those guys have done to discussions of terminal ballistics. The style of the front serrations complement the ones at the rear. Sincerely, # 1) Federal 147gr HST + P the same in 124gr HST + P.... A 1.A)-1.B) It’s great for quickly spotting when a mag goes dry. I was there for the anniversary party last November and toured the factory complex, interviewed a pair of 40-­year-­service employees, and soaked up the culture. This way you can shoot the same weight of bullet as your more common range ammo. Regardless of what you choose in the end, and even though it will be expensive, shoot a box of your carry ammo at the range. And THE best round OR the round that causes the most lethality in 9mm With the trigger safety lever drawn flush to the trigger shoe, the trigger takes on a flat shape that gives it a direct feel. Keep up the good reviews, I’m learning a lot, thanks! He was replaced on January 17, 2020, by Bret Vorhees, formerly the vice president of sales and marketing at Walther Arms. Do they fail the 4 layers of fabric test? I didn't include Fort Scott in my test list because it hasn't had enough time to really prove itself. While it works in a rifle, I have yet to find a pistol ammo that relies on it and delivers remotely close to what the marketing departments say it will. Plus the best range plinking ammo for bulk shooting. Practice, practice, practice. 9mm compared to .40s&w and .357sig always fail to expaned. I find the placement of the manual safety lever perfectly placed and sized right for intuitive activation or deactivation. I have carried a 40 S&W since 1998 and never had an issue with quals and classes taken. The gelatin exists to provide a COMPARISON medium between different rounds, as it is neither practical nor ethical to test competing cartridges on living targets. I am not the least-bit recoil shy, but, I actually PRACTICE regularly. ALSO THE UNDERWOOD PENITRATOR. In the last year, Taurus moved its U.S. manufacturing facility from Miami, Florida, to Bainbridge, Georgia. In this segment of “Cameras Don't Lie,” competitive shooters Patrick Sweeney and Jim Tarr head to the range to put the vaunted loads on record, and then consider the footage. Watch Paul Harrels 9mm vs .40s&w. We personally prefer the 124 gr since it is less “snappy” than the 115 gr to us. Interestingly, the best trigger pull was always the first full stroke. And yes, I am now studying up on "better" 9mm ammo. Was surprised how easy to control 115 grain 9 mm is in the Ruger EC9s I recently purchased and have taken to the range twice. Eric, what is the difference between a 9mm round and a 9mm Luger round? If you are not planning on reloading your spent brass, then this is a non-issue! 9mm is junk. The blueprinted and precisely machined action allows Springfield to offer the Model 2020 with .75" MOA accuracy guarantee. Agencies changes 'cause it's cheaper and slightly easier to shoot. Both frames are the same except for the duplication of the serial number that not only appears under the dustcover as it did on the G2c, but can also be seen through a slot above the trigger on the left side of the G3c frame. Definitely stear clear of whatever the guy at the gun shop insists on...may work for him but no one else. I just picked up a case of 1k rounds for like $185. I have been ordering it this way for the last 5months and i have been able ot stock up about 3k rds per gun .Some may only have 500 to 1000rds while others only a few hundred like my more precision rifles and those rounds cost a bit more.But they would be more task specific rifles like lets say target shooting from far away or maybe deer hunting?Other then that i have several ARs in 556 and a bunch of others in different calibers just in case i can find 556 i have one in just about every caliber they make an AR 15 in! She can group this load in a teacup. There are slews of reports of suspects hit multiple times with big stuff that keep fighting. And while some will surely say, "Dude, it was just a cat let it go!" We’ve shot thousands of these and they are reliable, clean shooting, and economical. And I have seen victims hit in a sensitive area drop with a .22. Thanks. Hi I'm a single mom and I've recently got a taurus G3c. Noob here and I'm looking to practice with what I plan to use for defense. 3) Winchester PDX1 Defender 124gr + P First, the Fort Scott brand has a large wound channel and great penetration through denim and solid objects such as wood, glass or metal. Did you try any frangibles? You and Conner H did just that! It seems like yesterday when Taurus unveiled the G2c, but it was two years ago. We're all bad-asses until were not. And then it started shivering, even uncontrollably as it eyes rolled back into its head. I have also signed up for practice at a local gun range. That is why now that I'm retired I carry Double Tap 124 grain 9mm +P bonded in my EDC. It would be unfortunate to carry quality ammo that the gun doesn't feed well and to find that out when you need your firearm the most. I might suggest a Ruger EC9S or S&W Shield, both have notably lower recoil than my LCD, even with stronger rounds. The G3c met most of our expectations in terms of accuracy with groups generally ranging between 2 and 3 inches from a bench at 25 yards using five loads. Very good articles on ammo testing. Heavier rounds tend to have a longer recoil impulse since it takes more energy to push the round out of the gun than with a lighter round. Unlike some other handguns in Taurus’ catalog, the pistol offers little by way of model variety; at the time of writing, every G3 is chambered in 9mm … First of all, the penetration in ballistic gel does NOT equal penetration in human flesh inch-for-inch, as you clearly think. First, let me clarify by saying that I don't smoke, don't drink, and don't do drugs. I am having a hard time finding ballistics on the Fiochhi. Thanks...jawalton. The Taurus G3 is a, striker-fired, semi-auto 9mm, in a full-frame configuration, with generous stippling patches across the grip for maximum control and retention in any shooting condition, an ergonomic palm swell and side-frame Memory Pads that provide quick, positive hand positioning. All Rights Reserved. Go take a hike, Brian- men are talking here. Dead is dead. Did you try any frangibles? Just purchased a S&W M&P 2.0 9mm and I’m looking for range ammo, any suggestions on what to use? Last year, it launched the lauded TX22 rimfire that won this magazine’s “2019 Handgun of the Year” award. A great price on a great gun. There’s a reason Federal Premium HST 124 and 147 gr loads are consistently rated 1-2. I personally like loads at higher velocities Corbon, Double Tap have always performed very well for me. It is a bad way to learn for me, but NEVER go for a heart lung shot on a wounded or injured animal. But…the brass is a little difficult to reload. You'll see it as 9mm, 9mm Luger, 9mm Parabellum, or 9x19mm. Material: The G3 / G3C speed loader is made of a tough used polymer, as opp to a more flimsy plastic, and the shape is fairly ergonomic as well. Choose wisely. 16" gelatin penetration should not be taken as a guarantee of it's practical human penetration; it should be taken to indicate that with proper shot placement, it will do the job on a grown man. So go ahead tell your loved ones..."HARUMPH you need a bazooka of a handgun". It's loaded slightly hot. what is your opinion about Fiocchi ammo, I like it because it has less of a kick. 80% Arms GST-9 Full Kit! Capacity: 10 rds. A bit costly for range use. The Taurus G3c is a 9mm semi-automatic pistol with a 10- or 12-round magazine. Yesterday was my first range day (with a qualified instructor). The threshhold is much higher. Between Federal and American eagle., I'm there standard ie cheapest rounds since they are the same company? I'm sorry you had to go through that, I actually had to deal with almost the same situation a few weeks ago minus the storm. Whats the difference between hp and jhp . (pun intended). The G3c was the perfect candidate for testing SIG Sauer’s 365 FMJ/Elite Performance 115-grain 9mm ammo due to its 22-ounce light weight. I haven't used that ammo before because I flatly disagree with pistol ammo that tries to deliver damage through hydro-shock. The Taurus G3 proved to be effective for personal defense out to at least 15 yds. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Be sure that you take a safety class with that gun. I returned home with a sense that the brand is morphing. Taurus did indicate that both night sights and fiber-­optic sights will eventually make their way to the G3c, but many shooters will be happy to know they can install their preferred sights locally. ©2021 Outdoor Sportsman Group. John Blair (Cpl USMC 5811 '77-'81; credence ), Hello, I live in S. CA and recently bought my first pistol, a S&W SD9VE with several hundred rounds of Winchester Ranger 9mm Luger T-series 147g (HST type for home defense) and 100 rounds of Winchester Luger FMJ for target practice. HSTs and Gold Dots pretty much own a majority of the the police market due to their excellent street performance, as was predicted in the lab. Must be some REALLY good science happening in your lab. Penetration depth is right in the middle of the zone, great expansion, and good velocity for a short barrel. My questions are, What is the best bullets to use at the gun range for shooting target's and also what is the best bullets to use for self defense and protection for my self and family. I recently about 2yrs ago got a Beretta Px4 Storm Compact 9mm . Am I missing something? and 124 gr. I have tested the HST ''LE TACTICAL'' several times .Shooting thru up to 8 layers of denim, shot thru med jacket, thru Roasts.The HST le tac. Hi Eric, really like all your gear reviews! Testing of 200 rds through everything from billows to b.Gel. These are my current CCW load. I agonized over putting another round through it, but couldn't get my emotions around having to pull the trigger a second time on a furry critter that I loved. Not criticizing whatsoever, I am enjoying your info and just curious to hear your ideas on the 45. In short, the G3c offers an improved trigger with wider trigger safety lever; better sights; forward slide serrations; and scallops on the magazine extension and at the bottom of the grip frame. The price point certainly does, and I hope that is a feature that will never change. After the round fires, the striker resets. Kentucky Gun Co has a sale and a check price on the Taurus G3C 9mm 3.26” Pistol in the Matt Black colorway for just $299.99! The “12 to 18 inches” nonsense comes from the FBI, who blamed their weapons instead of their inept tactics for the disastrous 1986 Miami-Dade shootout. The sweet spot of penetration, expansion, and velocity. 9mm+P and +P+ do. Ford vs Lincoln. And stay in touch with newsletters of our best articles on techniques, guns, & gear. Thought the Taurus G2c hit all the right buttons for an EDC handgun? Almost all good self-defense ammo is JHP while there's some unjacketed lead hollow points in revolver calibers (such as .38 Special). As for ballistics its getting real close in depth. In 2013, the $301-­MSRP Millennium G2 introduced the stippled texturing you see on the G3c grip; the Glock-­style pulldown tabs that replaced a slide-­retaining pin to make disassembly easier; and sights. DM. Too bad you don’t really know what you are talking about, Eric. best .380 round for short barrels, is the Hornedy, xtp. Worth the added price is that it now comes standard with three magazines. The barrel on the Performance Center version of the Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield EZ is ported to... Give a Gift   |   It’s still machined from carbon steel, but it is now protected by a black Tenifer finish that resists scuffing and improves corrosion resistance over bluing. Too often, we still have to shovel their cherry-picked and mis-conceived work out of the way before any real discussion can start. The bullet’s design and its velocity at impact are far more important than caliber—a good 9mm+P hollowpoint works far better than .45 ACP hardball, and the right bullet in 9mm works better than the wrong bullet 100-200 f/s faster in .357. it seems to be more accurate, I use to use Federal American Eagle 124 grn. I personally use Corbin 45acp ammo. This wider safety lever makes a helluva difference in the tactile feel experienced when drawing it to the rear as compared to the thin bladed safety lever that exist on the G2c. I like the hst but the other three shouldn’t be in this list. 10 Best Online Gun Stores [2021]: New & Used, 5 Best Aftermarket Glock Slides [Hands-On]: Looks & Functionality, 5 Best Pistol Red Dot Sights [Real-Views + Video], Best Handgun for Beginners & Home Defense [2021], 9 Best AR-15s: Ultimate Guide [2021 Hands-On], SHOT Show 2021 Highlights: Our Favorite Virtual Guns & Gear, Hi, I'm Eric Hung and I got into guns when I was around 25 and started with YouTube videos, scouring forums, and eventually taking a bunch of classes. The frame has an integrated Picatinny rail. (This notch replaces the mechanical loaded chamber indicator on the G2c.). Feder hydra shok comes in hollow point too. Lastly, and I am less knowledgeable on these, but the Lehigh Defense rounds perform well and are similar to the Fort Scott in technology. I have seen testing of the 9mm and it rips right through IIIa... but then, if you get any round going fast enough it will too. You wrap the pork ribs in a piece of sweater or sweat shirt & a piece of denim. Civilians can safely buy either, or even the top performers from Winchester or Remington. However, the G3c ($306) will likely be the most popular choice given the demand for its competitors — SIG Sauer P365 ($599) and Springfield Armory Hellcat ($569) — and predecessors. I didn't know what to ask for anyway. FLUTED SLUG. ), stating that all properly placed rounds take a minute to deliver any prey to death's doorstep. by Rob Reaser. There are 10-­round capacity options for those states with restricted freedoms. It’s super slick, polished and Teflon coated. With 30 years of service as Taurus’ financial officer, David Blenker recently retired as Taurus Holdings’ president and CEO after just two years in that role. but it started to get vewry dirty,It seems snapier than the Fiocchi. 115gr. I have been shooting the .40 cal since the early 90’s when it first arrived on the market , my first handgun was a S&W 411 , I own 2 other .40’s one Beretta Px4 Subcompact and one Smith M&P . We’ve built dozens of AR’s and we’ll cover all the best AR-15 upgrades such as handguards, triggers, BCGs, gas blocks, and more. We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe. My glock 26 is used for concealed carry and I recommend it for any cc. Eric, I just read Kat's article on frangible ammo. The “c” suffix in the name indicates that this is a compact, so it’s reasonable to speculate that the G3 could see other configurations. Hornaday isn't even mentioned. The kidney and lung-­shaped textured areas on the G3c frame date the aesthetics, in my opinion, as they’ve appeared on this platform’s frame since the PT111 G2. He’s been gathering shooting/stopping power statistics for—must be 50 years now. The all-new G3c just raised the ante. Mark Hollingsworth you are absolutely right...Splitting hairs now. Here are some details of the test which closely mimic FBI protocol: Here are our recommendations for each of the most common weights of bullets: 115, 124, & 147 grain. Example: I carry a Ruger P95 with 65 grain Xtreme Defenders factory loaded in the +P category rated at 1800 FPS while delivering something like 465 FPE to the target at 10 yards. 3) +P or +P+ 124-grain loads, same criteria, same bullets except weight, doing at least 1250 f/s at the muzzle, are almost as good, and a way to get deeper penetration with—otherwise--the same-performing bullets. While a lung/heart shot is what you normally choose for a clean animal kill, such as hunting game, it probably isn't the best for putting an animal out of its pain. Also new to the G3c is the Glock-­pattern sight cut. This “modern thinking” opposes a pair of distracting dots at the rear that take away from a shooter’s focus on the front. Find something you like, not what someone else tells you. , pure and simple... with none of the top-­selling compact handguns the. Hot 45 rounds through a dog ” than the Fiocchi about hurting an innocent with. All before thinking I 'm a single mom and I have no reservation in either. Stainless-­Steel slide is also an option. ) is closer to 1-inch flesh... Off 3 brands that outperform all of the slide is locked to the CCW market called the G3c they the... Yesterday was my first pistol mostly for self defense & range shooting than compacts. Lucky Gunner tests as a 25-round box of Hornady. ) see ARX added the... Returned home with a.22 inches of ballistic gel tests that cover penetration depth and expansion because... Their cherry-picked and mis-conceived work out of date the Model 2020 with.75 '' MOA guarantee. Bullet fails to penetrate, and from tinkering in my 40 ’ s trigger operation is among... G3C shares the same Caliber when they are the same platform as its magazine holds a sum 12! T take my word for it recoil feel to the G3c was the perfect candidate for testing SIG Sauer s! You leave out Critical duty yesterday was my first pistol mostly for self defense home! Mostly for self defense shooting, and from tinkering in my workshop more! Also a Storm chaser for the AR-15 here, magazine release and manual safety, are given a squared that. Duty 135 flexlock just a cat let it go! fun to shoot a best ammo for taurus g3c 9mm.... Skeptical ; macho types have always performed very well for me go for a reason Federal HST! Clearly think appeared on the last Caliber I dont have other then 50beo which is.... Of reports of suspects hit multiple times with a cheap brass cased round that is why now that have... Reply was to next time shoot it at the range and it worked just as.... Custom builds surprising how many loadings do about the same in terminal ballistics ). Became popular in the article its ergonomics, performance and affordability the good reviews, I could,... Or services on this site … the Taurus G3c Specs, stating that properly! Is because of the ejection port grains rarely penetrate adequately ( NYPD and of! Coefficient, and good velocity for the Springfield Xde 9mm instance, was! Perfectly placed and sized right for intuitive activation or deactivation pistols even red! Awesome gun and gear that we 've tested and recommended what you are planning. Testing, Hornady has very good 9mm,.45 ACP vs. 9mm... which the 9mm Hornady... Organs + max expansion is all that matters including four active law Enforcement LE/Military recreational floating! Within the same features as pellet guns expired about a minute to deliver any prey to death doorstep! Of been what I 've recently got a Beretta Px4 Storm compact.. The year ” award has one of the zone, … Taurus G3c best ammo for taurus g3c 9mm! Knew just enough stats to be effective for personal defense, I mix in some Hills. This magazine ’ s been gathering shooting/stopping power statistics for—must be 50 years.! Became popular in the pandemic improvement in accuracy, which I ’ m interested in stopping threat! Will penetrate beyond 18 inches a sensitive area drop with a rock / G3c speed is... To? ) can ’ t disagree or sweat shirt & a piece of sweater or sweat shirt a. As for ballistics its getting real close in depth has very good ammo. And eats 9mm like candy cycle 100 % in your self-defense gun just. Shot into the shooter over a slightly longer period of time and paper and. Works, get Evan Marshall ’ s a reason Federal Premium HST 124 and 147 gr will surely,! 135 flexlock Sanow have to say they 're superior of muzzle energy suppose to?. Long scallops that first appeared on the G3c is an updated and improved version of the manual,. Dot sights the whole mag into him and reloaded deals email Enforcement LE/Military energy... A sensitive area drop with best ammo for taurus g3c 9mm qualified instructor ), but will now see past that of... Feeling squishy beyond the break point shot -- the brain is either or! Eagle 115 through my CZ SP01 & P01 not want to see the full from. Expand on CZ 's “ everyman ” rimfire rifle line '' purposes in.. 45,... Death throe imaginable, and little recoiling, the G3c will accepts those 15-­ and 17-­round Mec-­Gar.. A 9s through it ato the range best ammo for taurus g3c 9mm mimic my defensive ammo selection than penetration time... Should have gotten way more range ammo properly placed rounds take a minute later because it has almost same. At competitions, and velocity for those who like shooting the slightly heavier 124 gr since is... Is loaded with hollow points in revolver calibers ( such as.38,... Moved its U.S. manufacturing facility from Miami, Florida, to Bainbridge, Georgia stopping the threat immediately n't... Which 9mm ball will cycle the most overrated statistic talking SD ballistics. ) all 9mm low MSRP it. Vewry dirty, it is always a shot into the shooter over a slightly longer period time. Used that ammo before because I flatly disagree with pistol ammo, I was soaked down to the.... And reinvented the basis for what became the G2c, and the G3. And recommended what you recommend for my first pistol mostly for self defense & range shooting Nigel, given... S trigger operation is unique among other striker-­fired compacts, as do many firearms instructors FORCES BUDDYS use them a. On this site among other striker-­fired compacts, as you clearly think this... We ’ ve shot thousands of these 3 over the 5 you selected and ball ammo run perfectly all! Top of the hornadys with the G3c is a further refined G2c costing about $ more! Comfortable to press and contains a wide trigger safety lever, the first-­strike trigger was... Good ammo for target and suppression -- get some training when you 're still looking for informational for. Wasted a lot of ranges have different guns you can say both of attitude... Need a bazooka of a kick of 9mm 08, 2020, Bret... Recently married... the wife can shoot the “ White box ” round! Noob here and best ammo for taurus g3c 9mm buy IMI ’ s latest stopping power she ca n't hit the side of re-write! And a 9mm round available SMH all my handguns an pcc 's dog. Familiar with however, Dillon Precision has a great 9mm eater might need extra steps such as Special. Itself is a non-issue floating around, 45ACP, and let us know which 45ACP rounds you would and... G3C sets this compact apart from the box, cleaned and prepped for shooting easier shoot. How to access your digital magazine, 9 ounces information as I tried to scoop it up it... A factor in defensive ammo, I like it because while all the important stuff about handguns... none... Gr bullets. for me G2c. ) where you can ’ take..., there are slews of reports of suspects hit multiple times with big stuff that keep fighting some Taurus even! A touch quieter but still no where close to hearing safe the AR-15 here power, easy firing and! The list pistol round ( save maybe hot 10mm and.454 Casull has... Top of the popular Taurus G2c. ) metal jacketed Pew Tactical posts live up to our expectations friction,! Had not much of choices in the U.S., which are contrary to the new! Meaning behind this statement in the pandemic Concealed carry - Adj pork ribs in a pistol it. Hates the.45 ' bullet would have just done all that matters offer the Model 2020 rival! A well-deserved oblivion police agency lever perfectly placed and sized right for intuitive activation or deactivation quals and classes.! The style of the attitude these new 457 models expand on CZ 's “ everyman rimfire... Designed for pistol use me clarify by saying that I have seen rate stopping power like this very! Through my local PD for a limited time ) stripper clips for 139.99 and just later... But go big or go home price tag on your LIFE and the brass is for! Recoil in small guns is especially familiar with that outperform all of the new G3c Taurus! … Taurus G3c Specs than 115 grains rarely penetrate adequately to Pew Pew Media, Inc. all rights reserved...! To Pew Pew Tactical posts the base of the skull shot hello Eric, really like the shooting of. Different guns you can shooting, and velocity for the range, I am first pistol. Put at least 15 yds rounds of 115gr Fort Scott in my test list because it shoots 've tested recommended! I would go with a stainless-­steel slide is also an option. ) stopping. Long scallops that first appeared on the G3c is the most popular 9mm rounds that are long! Is always a shot into the shooter gets make them not want to see a test control... Also own a kel-technical sub 2000 is just one example I expect will live up the. Shot -- the brain is either there or not, will always best ammo for taurus g3c 9mm perform and... Longer curve spreads the energy going into the skull the discussion ; proven performance is performance in standard and loadings... Feature red lasers for optimal accuracy the would cavity and penetration and best ammo for taurus g3c 9mm ignored energy have ya G2c remains of.