Warning: This story contains distressing content. A 16-year-old has gone viral for posting a TikTok video after she got into a bad car accident to "cope. Published 6 days ago The first video in … Chilling TikTok video shows final moments leading up to teen's death in hotel room In the video, the teen stops dancing and looks shocked as someone off camera enters her room. New Video Shows Final Moments Before Teen Girl’s Death At Atlanta Hotel Kalecia Williams, 16, was on Tik Tok when someone entered her room. TikTok has promised to crack down on accounts sharing a horrifying video on the platform of an American man purportedly taking his life.. Katie and Marissa continued to make light of the crash in a second TikTok video shared days after the accident. A TikTok user who claims to have experienced death is now making videos about her experience, recounting what it is truly like to slowly leave this Earth. Police are investigating after a woman was shot dead by her friends while recording a fake kidnapping video on TikTok. A 16-year-old from Pittsburgh has gone viral for deciding to film and post a TikTok immediately following a car accident she had two weeks ago. Swamp Sith (@deathstore) has created a short video on TikTok with music Lo Fi. A pair of Pittsburgh-area teenagers are being slammed for filming a silly, flippant TikTok video immediately after a car crash. A teenage girl has been criticised for uploading a TikTok video after flipping her car in a serious accident. A young man was hit and killed by a train in Pakistan while being filmed walking along the tracks for a TikTok stunt, police and rescue official said Saturday. | Happy accident?💎 for the record @koshkaya.valkyrie noticed my breastplates were upside down before I did 🤣 #armor #mandalorian #cosplay #starwars | *drawing official medic symbol* | cc: Since I’ve been recruited I just thought I should let people know I work for the Republic now. Katie Cornetti recounted the terrifying moment to BuzzFeed News this week, adding that the TikTok was a way for her and her friends to "cope" with the shock of the situation. Last year on 30th of November, a security guard had accidentally shot himself dead while recording a TikTok video in Karachi. The video-sharing social media platform said it had moved to delete the footage, originally posted to Facebook, and would ban accounts that repeatedly upload the clips.