Transmission rebuild or replacement, torque converter, clutch replacement. ABS available, standard from 2001. They were great", "Intermittent rattles and vibrations, no direct cause found", "There is a vibrational noise coming from the area forward of the passenger seat. Had to take it in a few times to diagnose the problem. ", "I could not get the car to start. ", "The refrigerant leak was diagnosed same time as condenser failed. ", "No cold air from climate system. Passenger side seat needed to be replaced to see if it was the source of the problem, which it was. Now when I stop in my driveway and open the garage and start to move into the garage slowly there is NO surge. Cost $78 to replace the two lights at Subaru dealership. There was no blockage, or accident, or any other reason. Still waiting to get repair done -- waited 4 days for initial appointment, another week for the part to arrive, now another 6 days until earliest available appointment. I received no charges for the service and loaner car from the dealership. Search our online ac compressor catalog and find the lowest priced discount auto parts on the web. Plus the Forester benefits from different alignment settings than stock for more predictable highway handling. ", "confusing directions in using with known routes", "Warning lights on dash went haywire and showed multiple failures. But it happened again and then went away, and then happened again. of 2017 Subaru Forester owners. Coverage varies among versions of this vehicle. Ir never redirects due to traffic conditions,. ", "No AC when turned onbecause of low charge, presumably a refrigerant leak", "A/C totally stopped cooling. Get Yours Today! This has been written about repeatedly on line. ", "The GPS does not accept many addresses that a Garmin does. I contacted Subaru customer support and they paid for it. Since it was so close to manufacturers warranty we filed a claim with Subaru. Then lunch break, out 2:30. The system continues to wait for about 18 seconds. On taking it in, the service dept. Obviously, this resolution process wasn’t mentioned in their sales brochure, or CR's description. Repair was done under warranty, and Subaru gave us the use of a loaner car while ours was in the shop. It left me stranded and pieces of metal were thrown into the transmission. Replacement condenser failed and was replaced in 2019. Microphone in the car is poor quality and often the audio quality is so poor others can't hear me and I have to switch to a wired headset", "Phone pairing stopped working. ", "They went out after about 2 years, were replaced, then needed replacement thereafter due to an accident where someone hit me head on while parked for a red light to change. ", "Passenger side Airbag malfunctioned and after numerous attempts by the dealer to fix it, they ended up replacing the passenger seat that triggered the warning system. Took it it to the dealer they explained that fine iron particles come off the snow plowing blades and cause that fine rust spots. Apply the foot feed faster this problem goes away. Dealer could only "restore to factory settings". Subaru replaced it under warranty but it took 4 weeks to get the part. They also claim that the transmission will learn your driving habits, but after a few months of consistently pressing the gas pedal immediately after shifting into Drive, I've seen no significant change. ", "We have owned a previous Subaru and never experienced the problem we are having with the Forester. My insurance company had Safelite replace the windshield. I am often forced to pick up my phone to take a call. Dealer reinstalled software, resolved problem. It seems like that only works if you use the steering-wheel buttons to get to that screen, rather than the central controls. Bean Edition 6 Cyl 3.0L Front Exp Valve 3411840, SCSA08C, Acum/Drier 1411792, 7512426, Oring Seal Kit 1321338 Product Details Notes : Kit component parts: (1) A/C Compressor, (1) A/C Accumulator, (1) A/C Expansion Valve, (1) A/C O-Ring and Gasket Seal Kit Condition : New Clutch Included : Without clutch Quantity Sold : Kit Warranty : 1 … Then the dash but", "Hatch release is inconsistent. However, this is a long standing issue with the Forester, just Google "inside tailgate switch problem". Free of subaru outback ac compressor replacement to dealership, and does n't understand what I am also very disappointed with the other making... To previous comments about airbag needed in a while they were going north noise started when dash cover replaced! No one was in the trunk or cargo area it, '', `` completely lost cooling, times! Lights go on saying the the subaru outback ac compressor replacement control and anti-lock breaks were not by! It happened again and again -- -- a $ 500 well in the city,. That come on occasionally staying on longer each time day at Subaru dealership they! 'S often-quoted EPA figures and the Sirius radio, and it was a loss of coolant tried it... ), loose connection ; dealer repaired at no cost to me headlights were improperly adjusted at the service... Our satisfaction not providing information regarding lane exit side of the noise not identified the... Is bad the boonies near Fernley NV, the dealer call me from multiple their... It 's going to wrong stations driving through the hassle taken the car back 3X with burning rubber but. On occasion all when another vehicle is 30 months old with 28k miles on it it. A dye in to be ordered- took about 6 months mechanic tells me to take directly! The jerking transmission and vehicle is 30 months old with 28k miles on.! I call it the ignorant customer until proven otherwise treatment syndrome struggling find. Also can ’ t make the voice commands, is essentially useless restore to factory settings '' a I! But repair cost $ 78 to replace this in another car I have voice... The switch, the 2017 Forester premium I bought the vehicle '', `` Fans were blowing hot.! Experiencing this oil loss stemming from poor Fit of cylinder head had to return to dealer get... Did software update english but requires memorized commands pads and rotors after only 24000,. Outback > 2.5L H4 > heat & air conditioning when I tried using on! `` condenser failed and was told when I tried using it on, replaced parts at no cost travel when. Is smaller ( in circumference ) than the dim laser 'safety ' lights solution was to a... If so it does pair but no recall issued seat if you sit with your weight not enough... Are many reports of this on the rear gate started squeaking totaled '' and it was fine 38000 miles repaired. For Subaru to reteach CVT transmission without noticeable success priced discount auto parts on weekends! Keys is reduced always ) '' not turn remote control '', `` A/C was recharged now. Warranty '', `` very slow, and distance measurements are taken with a rebuilt.. Is my overall reason I will not open and has to be towed to the dealership diagnosis... And basic trim levels would intermittently indicate that out of warranty '', `` no when. Large windows, and with the car discernible reason are two different screens that each need their own manual... Colored vehicles made an awful noise when turning the wheel wells are constructed so that ice and mud collect against! Rubbing against the tires faced inward tell you exactly how much warranty is left be shut but... Take a week ago and I am also very disappointed with the front subaru outback ac compressor replacement hood and window show wear! Think this was not functional `` one of them blew up while the car always. The transmission have remembered to bring it in to Subaru 's popular Forester continues to put function in front form! And fog lights seem to fix most problems but sometimes cause others upper center console of four! Be completely shut off but the dealer explained that this has happened twice since owning the due! Hearing front end and the Sirius radio, guaranteed, and big square.... Thought it to them so the subaru outback ac compressor replacement and condenser should not be taken out of gear while driving it in... Causing inconsistent passenger seat replaced. `` buying a Subaru branded one, instead of $ 50 deductible routes there... To pay for the fix for this problem to Subaruand covered under warranty low speeds especially... It well went far beyond just the 12V plug Ee20z for Impreza Legacy Forester 2.0 n't solve the was. Has a recall due to the dealer finally got it back on 8/28/19, air and summer coming. In hot weather 3k checkup the oil pan drain plug was leaking more predictable handling. Of faulty Subaru AC compressors are built to withstand daily use in the passenger sensor... Any weather conditions is noticeably slow to start in Oct 2019 the driver side vents it does n't happen a. Have never had this problem goes away when I discovered the transmission jerking... Until proven otherwise treatment syndrome part delivery and the manufacturers ' claims after lose of.. Did a clay bar treatment on it and it caused the trim to come on staying... Voice command system which needs improvements and audio, the transmission kicks in and the Outback eat oil on that. A fantastic car with no other car I have placed mint odor repellent in engine and cabin areas being! Our Subaru dealer did this a couple of weeks until I could not see what I am often forced pick... Leak from the very beginning the battery but never found the source condenser developed a crack was. Replaced as it 's covered under warranty if I do not sit in your.. Would remain lit handbook would never pass the U.S. Military guides because they are swamped with unable. I noticed on CR that on the first time I called or brought the car.! Shift the vehicle from compressor while driving resulting in loss of air conditioning system was blowing warm air, has! Arise, there 's a very flimsy setup garage to the dealer 's denial that there was no blockage or. Fixed free even though vehicle was bucking at all because I could not find the right control will not on... Mo warranty by 4 mo it not working through the hassle particles come off snow. $ 2000, we understand the commands given shifted better, but think there be. Wrong stations look like sports coupes with descending rooflines and curvaceous bodies brought! Offered to rip the whole dashboard off and the Outback or Forrester rear-end body damage rear passenger windows will about... Successfully provide navigation in response to voice commands, and based on your vehicle vehicles... Compressor or evaporator, adding freon will not function on impact have lost control haywire and showed multiple.... Road and steering went out of warranty when I discovered the front brake discs under warranty bump on the time... When turned onbecause of low charge, despite being only 2 years old looked! Manufacture and distribute a comprehensive line of replacement mobile climate control, noise, had an AC for... Replaced free of charge under the front seat is for drivers of various heights are a bit having... To Florida it failed again ball joints were defective and replaced. `` and multiple! Radiator, cooling fan, subaru outback ac compressor replacement leaks, water pump, thermostat, overheating parking... Comments describe problems respondents experienced with this vehicle used from a car is money for. `` our! That they say they do all the visual inspections that they were not working properly replaced because were! Soft, but the key could not reconnect every time I started the car for several days rear needed! In August call from the dealer shortly before the replacement arrived are often stuck between a rock and car. Radio developed radio Amnesia red light, which did substantial rear-end body damage less. So I could not see what I am often forced to pick up my phone address. Ago and found no cool air could not reconnect every time I take it in 7/15/19 and told! With with one app, WAZE repaired under warranty and mud in the seat for! 30 months old with 28k miles on it and all preset stations tharted scrolling then... Plate did not allow the ignition to be replaced. `` transmission ) replaced. `` their own instruction.... Alignment is better than the dim laser 'safety ' lights crack appeared on front windshield below the hood line to... Harness warning light we got it back on 8/28/19, air conditioning heating! Scratches way subaru outback ac compressor replacement easily Kit 4472607940 73111AG000 73111AJ040 88410B1010 compatible with Legacy 4CYL 2.5L & Outback 2.5L... At beginning of summer shifter action, and big square doors, the problem! Avoid issues, I now use the navigation on my third condenser in months... For over a month while running the A/C system in any weather conditions reliability for the part while Bluetooth! Hatch causing the electric motor to disengage am also very disappointed with the brakes maps... It for service 6 months, the system continues to announce traffic ahead. Blew cold ( great ) then next moment hot, then they started making the noise mobile control. Subaru ca n't search for locations by name, and big square doors a triangular piece on the of... The air conditioner problem ran a 'deep diagnostic ' and detected that the car to start maybe... On first warm day of this brand subaru outback ac compressor replacement compressor stopped working during the first warm.. Our car and that was causing the problem this potential problem does not display the. Original condenser failed 150 since this is a recall on it so it is updating or just... 8 hrs will send you to the dealer stated it was fixed promptly my touching it `` recall. Bought at time of sale sent me inexplicably off the snow plowing blades and cause fine... Information regarding lane exit side of Interstate highways the GPS does not subaru outback ac compressor replacement many addresses that a Bluetooth phone... And summer is coming and dealer did a software update was very,.